The best way to say it is to show it. 🙂 Here’s a short clip that tells the story of our now, and a few snippets of our Valentine’s Day cooking fun!

In other news, Bella learned how to whistle last week (..note the first sequence in the video clip), and is building her repertoire of songs. 😉

Life is pretty much a song at the moment and we are humming along!

See you next week! x


Currently Smelling the Flowers

Short post today as we’ve had a tricky week. I will post our Valentine’s Day fun next week! Meanwhile, wishing you all a Valentine’s Day well celebrated by loving yourself so that you can love others.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

…And a Happy New Year!

Even though we’ve had a sweet Christmas, and family here to help us ring in the new year, the house feels comfortably quiet and peacefully still.

I am unapologetically late with the blog this week as a symptom of burnout. Anyone relate? Renewing energy is primordial, especially for those actively caring for special needs children. So, here I am, …battery is charging.

Bella typically has very little interest in the world outside of her routine, with the exception of our adventures to the cinema a few times per month. However, I sense this is slowly shifting.

Bella made the cutest posters to welcome her cousin’s visit for the New Year holiday (..see below).

Unfortunately, her cousin wasn’t completely enthusiastic about connecting, and Bella has been disappointed. Still, they did share some good moments. They had a makeup party, made crafts together, and we all went to a movie together downtown. Bella was grateful for the interaction, and it was wonderful for me to witness.

Here is a picture of Bella with her cousin and friend, Coline.

And the lovely butterfly makeup kit they used for their makeup party!

We took down the Christmas tree and declarations yesterday. All that remains are the memories made, and the sweet feeling of promise in the new year ahead.

Bella has found joy in doing some small mosaic, art projects the last few days after finishing some glitter fairies with her cousin. Here is one of the sticker mosaics she has completed.

Now then, I hereby give you all permission to unashamedly charge your energetic, soul batteries, and to celebrate every moment! Even when you are asked to go it alone, or you are disappointed with outcomes you held fixed expectations about. I observe that kids (..on the spectrum or not) can teach us how to roll with the punches.

By all means, have a wonder filled 2019!

Gingerbread House – 2018

We made our first gingerbread house last year, and loved it so much we stayed with the tradition, and did another one this year. It puts all of our hands to work in order to put these little houses together successfully. It is a fun family activity. We laughed a lot, especially when things didn’t go the way we thought they would. Bella did nearly all the decorating! Here’s a short video to show off her work. Happy Christmas vibes to all!

365 Days of Gratitude

Wouldn’t it be an incredible world if Thanksgiving was a part of our awareness and way of being, 365 days of the year? I am dedicating myself to a gratitude journal again. It has been far too long since I was consistent with that aspect of my self love journey. I am encouraging Bella to write 3-5 things she is grateful for each day now as well.

Our Thanksgiving celebration was as I predicted; just us turkeys and very quiet. It was also delicious! I cooked an organic, whole chicken the way you cook a turkey. I called it a churkey! 😉 I used a simple recipe of  butter, herbs from Provence, garlic and lemon. It really turned out perfect. Our side dishes were green beans, masherole (Bella’s word for mashed potatoes), churkey gravy, cranberry sauce and croissants. We made pumpkin pie for dessert. Bella planned the menu and it all worked out very well. Great job Bella! Here’s a glimpse of our feast before we gobbled it all up.

Thanksgiving dinner in France - 2018.
Thanksgiving dinner in France.
Thankful for this feast. It was delicious!

And here are a few pictures of our homemade table decorations. If you’ve been reading this blog for the last while, you’ll note that we used the autumn jars from our art project a few weeks ago. Phil and Bella made the turkey table place setting cards and card holders. I think they turned out adorable.

Table setting - Thanksgiving - Crown napkin fold.
Crown folded gold napkins.
Autumn, Thanksgiving, table setting.
Table decorations for our Thanksgiving feast – 2018.
Thanksgiving table decoration.
Autumn leaves on glass jars, painted twigs and twinkle lights.
Autumn leaf place card holder.
Turkey, autumn leaves, place card holder.

As you can see from the pictures, it was a day full of heart and remembrances of our fall art projects. I suspect that Bella won’t remember the wrinkled table cloth, or the fact that our pumpkin pie wasn’t perfect, but I do believe she will remember the sweet feeling that was present during our Thanksgiving celebration, and all the wonderful memories that were created in and around the celebration.

I invite you to join me on my official 365 days of gratitude journey by writing in a journal each day. It is life altering in the best way. There are some great apps out there for this specific focus of gratitude. My favorite is the Five Minute Journal.

Grateful for this opportunity to share life experiences with you. Thank you for reading, following and sharing your stories as well. 

Giving Thanks

It is the eve of Thanksgiving. All is quiet in the house except for my brain, which keeps going over the list of food I will prepare tomorrow for our feast. According to my recycled thoughts, we are well stocked and ready.

Bella and I ventured out on a morning walk in our pj’s to gather twigs and branches to paint for table decorations. I had a good time. Bella, …well, let’s just say that she did her part. She found twigs and branches. This picture says it best.

Fall Projects
Searching for twigs to paint for our Thanksgiving table decorations. An early morning walk in our pj’s! 🙂

We then circled back to the house, got properly dressed for the day, and started painting. The twigs and branches are now a lovely gold, and will be on our table tomorrow. Here are a few more pictures to illustrate our activity.

Twigs and branches.
Twigs and branches.

We’ll share pictures of our finished table setting next week along with pictures of our Thanksgiving celebration lunch. It’s going to be quite simple, and just us turkeys this year. Since Thanksgiving is an American holiday, and therefore, not celebrated in Europe, we will not have company. Bella planned the menu, and will assist me in cooking. Looking very forward to it!

Bella has enjoyed learning about the Pilgrams, Native Americans and the first Thanksgiving celebration. She’s also enjoyed reading some very cute, and silly stories about Thanksgiving. One of her favorites is Turkey Trouble. It is full of good humor, and vegan folks must especially love it!

We had our first snow here yesterday. It has us feeling the Christmas spirit as we celebrate all we are thankful for.

Snow Day!

Wishing all of you an abundantly blessed Thanksgiving, followed by stretch pants and comfy sweaters! Much love to all!